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The request made by the Ministry of Education(MOE) is, for universities and colleges, to accept foreign teachers, students in degree programs, exchange students, participants in Taiwan Experience Education Program(TEEP), teaching assistants for the Huayu Best program, and all the others for the purpose of enriching the development of colleges and facilitating internationalization to enhance the competence of higher education in Taiwan.

Our application of entry permits for foreign teachers, researchers, and overseas students to Taiwan has been approved by Taiwan Centers for Disease Control and required that universities and colleges should submit the registration list; assist the entry permits’ application for foreign teachers, researchers, overseas students in Division of Preparatory Programs, MOFA Taiwan scholarship recipients, Huayu Enrichment Scholarship recipients, students sponsored under a bilateral educational cooperation agreement, the Taiwan Huayu BEST Scholarship recipients, the Short Term Research Awards recipients and so on and administrate the entry and epidemic prevention policy for them.

The entry for exchange students, participants in TEEP,  and overseas students in non-degree programs, is not allowed temporarily. The capacity of medical resources and pandemic prevention policy in Taiwan will be regarded as our priority concern to estimate the possibilities of reopening the entry for overseas students to study in Taiwan.


Application for 2021 is out!
​Eligibility criteria:
-Must be UVA students by the start date. At least one year of Chinese is required.
-Should commit to provide a minimum of 6 hours per week in language and cultural exchange in high school.
-Should take a Mandarin proficiency test to determine the level of language ability, and an exit proficiency test will be required of scholarship recipients.

【Note】: The above eligibility criteria are in compliance with grant restrictions for running Taiwan Huayu BEST program, and no exceptions can be made.

Interested applicants are welcome to apply. The application for the year 2021 will close on November 21, 2021 at 23:59 (EST). To apply, please email to You will receive a set of personal account and password for the listening test and reading test.

Application Documents:
i. Application form (either on paper or online).
ii. Transcript for previous semesters.
iii. 2 recommendation letters. One of the letters from Chinese language instructor is preferred.
iv. Proof of taking the TOCFL Listening and/or Reading test. (To take the TOCFL test online, send an email to: You will receive personal account and password for the TOCFL tests within 24 hours.)
v. Acceptance letter from Chinese Language Center of National Chengchi University. (It is required after being admitted as our scholarship recipients.)

Please refer to the following for the new application schedule.
Application year Study Period Application Deadline
2021 12/01/2021~10/31/2022 11/21/2021
2022 01/01/2022~07/31/2023 (TBA)

1. Please upload the application documents (ii.~iv.) in one PDF.
2. By the end of the language program, the scholarship recipient is to take another TOCFL Listening and Reading test.

Link to application form:

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