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1. When is the deadline for the application for the year 2021?
Applications for this year are open until November 21, 2021, at 23:59 (EST).
In addition, if you apply for the scholarship this year, you must complete this program before October 31st, 2022. That is, if you plan to come to Taiwan in summer 2022 for three months, this scholarship could be used May-July/August of 2022.
2. How many students can get the scholarship?
2-5 people. It depends on the applicants' duration of the exchange.
3. Would the grant pay for the housing and food?
No. The stipend is monthly NT$ 25,000, housing and food excluded. 
4. More working detail about the primary and secondary schools. What to teach, and How to teach?
Language and culture exchange; Due to the pandemic, the class could be held online, and the teacher must visit the schools at least once. You will be teaching English to students either in person or online.
5. If I am graduating in May 2022, am I still eligible for this program the summer after I graduate?
No. Applicants have to be UVA students to be eligible for this program.
6. I am currently in Chinese 1010 and I was wondering if I qualify as I do not currently have one full year of Chinese. If I am, I would love to apply.
Yes, you are welcome to apply if you have reached the basic Chinese level by the time you are in Taiwan.
7. Though the acceptance letter from the Chinese Language Center of National Chengchi University is not required to be uploaded, how could the letter be attached?
Please write an email to the CLC in NCCU to ask for it because the time for the study period is not fixed. But, at least, you have to stay for 2 months.
8. “The time is not fixed,” does it mean that I can go there anytime I want? 
The time is not fixed but just required to stay at least for 2 months. Please write an email to the CLC in NCCU for more information and inquire about the course schedule.
9. Are the round-trip tickets for the flight and the expense for quarantine facilities sponsored? Or paid by students themselves?
Students have to pay for the flight ticket, facilities for quarantine and dorms themselves.
10. Does the program provide health insurance that will cover me if I become ill or injured in Taiwan?
No. The health insurance is paid for by students themselves. As the policy regulated by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, all foreign students are required to buy health insurance, either the overseas one in your own country or the other provided by the CLC in NCCU.
11. Could we go anytime during this period? Or is there a scheduled time to start and at least stay for 2 months, like summer/winter vacation?
Yes, you can come at any time you want. But remember you have to stay for at least 2 months and make sure there are courses open in the CLC during your stay.
12. Is the learning period applicable for “Just during the period, anytime is available for entering the main island of Taiwan and staying for 2 months,” or “ the learning must be done by Oct. 31, 2022”?
The learning must be done by Oct. 31, 2022. 
If you apply for the scholarship this year, you must complete this program before October 31st, 2022. That is, if you plan to come to Taiwan in summer 2022 for three months, this scholarship could be used May-July/August of 2022.
13. What is the qualification for applying to the program? Do I need a certain level of Chinese (e.g. Learning Mandarin for about 6 months)? 
We recommend that applicants should have at least one year of Chinese learning. Students, who do not have a year of Chinese learning,  are also welcome to apply if you have reached the basic Chinese level by the time you are in Taiwan.
Please view the: application form.
14. To whom should I pay the tuition? To UVA or NCCU?
Recipients should pay the tuition to NCCU.
15. When should I apply for the program?
Applications for this year are open until November 21, 2021, at 23:59 (EST).
16. What are scholarship recipients’ tasks and duties?
You should
-stay at least 2 months.
 - take Chinese courses in any Chinese Language Center for at least 15 hours a week.
-commit to provide a minimum of 6 hours per week in language and cultural 
    exchange in high school.
-take a Mandarin proficiency test to determine the level of language ability, and an exit proficiency test will be required of scholarship recipients.
17. Besides the stipend from the Huayu BEST program, is there any other subsidy or allowance? 
If teaching in-person English classes in school, we subsidize traveling costs and safety insurance, and dining expenses. If the traveling distance is short, the subsidy is NT$250 per trip at most; Dining expenses are NT$200 the most every day.
18. Do I need to pay for the TOCFL speedy screening?
TOCFL Speedy Screening is free for students at UVA. Note that the TOCFL Speedy Screening does not correspond to the TOCFL exam.
P.S. Proof of taking the TOCFL Listening and/or Reading test: To take the TOCFL test online, please send an email to: You will receive a personal account and password for the TOCFL tests within 24 hours on weekdays.)
​Learn more: TOCFL official website 
19. Which type of language program do you recommend?
We recommend the 5 months program.
20. Is the only way to attend this program to be accepted by the scholarship with a stipend, or does it have an option to pay like other summer programs?
Yes. The only way to attend the Huayu BEST program is to be accepted by the scholarship. But we are planning a short-term study program collaborating with UVA which is similar to the summer program. Information will be announced soon, please pay close attention.
21. Will it be 8 Chinese language credits similar to the study abroad program in Fudan, Shanghai?
This program does not offer credits. If credits are needed, you are welcome to apply to the exchange program at NCCU.
For more information about the exchange program, please visit NCCU OIC.
22. When submitting my application, one of the documents needed is a transcript. Would it be preferable to submit an official transcript? Or am I allowed to submit my current unofficial transcript?
If possible, an official transcript would be preferable.


1. What are the choices and prices for accommodation?
We can inquire for more suitable accommodations for the applicants, like NCCU I-House. You can click the links for more information.
(3) Studying in NCCU CLC, you can apply NCCU campus dorm (ZihCiang 10th Dorm)
2. How do living arrangements work? Will we be required to find housing for ourselves?
You are required to find housing for yourself. Check the following links for possible housing options.


1. What vaccinations do I need?
Travelers are quired to
-get fully vaccinated with two doses at least 14 days before arrival (from CDC, US Department of Health and Human Services).
-arrange a quarantine accommodation for 7 days (TCDC).
-undergo a government-funded PCR test one day before their home isolation or home quarantine period ends, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic (TCDC).
For more information concerning the entry policy against the pandemic in Taiwan, please click the link below:
2. How can I apply for the VISA? What VISA will I get? Do I need a VISA to study Chinese in Taiwan under this program?
There’s no student VISA provided but we offer Visitor Visas for Studying Mandarin Chinese to our recipients. If needed, students applying for a short-term study program of Huayu BEST (2-5 months) could extend Visitor Visas twice, 60 days for each.
For long-term students, we recommend applying for Resident Visas before the Visitor Visas expire.
3. Can I travel outside Taiwan during the learning period?
It varies on which category of visa you apply for. For Visitor Visas, there are Single Entry Visitor Visa (單次入境停留簽證) and Multiple Entry Visitor Visa (多次入境停留簽證). Remember! Foreigners having the Single Entry visa must re-apply for a visa before entering Taiwan again.


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