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The Taiwan Huayu BEST program (Bilingual Exchanges of Selected Talent Program) is a program launched by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education to help meet the global demand for Chinese language learning and to promote Taiwan's high-quality Chinese language education. The Ministry of Education of Taiwan encourages Taiwanese universities to establish language education partnerships with top universities in the US and Europe. To achieve the program’s objectives, the program offers students who are interested in learning mandarin scholarships and provides funds for Taiwanese universities to send experienced Chinese language instructors and Chinese language teaching assistants to partner universities. Through collaboration with overseas universities, we hope to promote Taiwanese Chinese language teachers' high-quality Chinese language education. Moreover, we hope that Taiwan’s vibrant culture and friendly Chinese learning environment could be recognized and enjoyed by the scholarship recipients and the global community.

  • l   What we (NCCU Huayu BEST Program) do:
    Set up Huayu BEST Program partnerships with overseas universities and establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships with partner universities.

    l   Provide scholarships for students interested in learning Mandarin :
    Students from partner universities may receive scholarships to study in Taiwan. During their stay in Taiwan, scholarship recipients will also spend some time helping local teachers as they teach English in nearby elementary and secondary schools.

    l   Develop and provide a variety of Chinese teaching materials and learning resources to facilitate Chinese language education. The resources include the TOCFL Speedy Screening exam, TOCFL—Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language—language proficiency testing, and digital and paper teaching materials designed by our Chinese Language Center. In addition, we hold online workshops and language exchange activities to assist in students learning Mandarin.

    To provide better Chinese education, we hope to establish Mandarin Teaching and Learning Centers through long-term collaboration with our partner universities.

For scholarship recipients from Huayu BEST Program partner universities, you will have the opportunity to live in a Mandarin-speaking environment for 3 to 9 months, strengthen your language ability, and better understand Taiwanese culture and society. Awarded students will also facilitate English language education in Taiwan by teaching English in local elementary and secondary schools. By interacting with the local students and the local community and taking Chinese courses offered by NCCU’s Chinese Language Center, we believe that students participating in the Huayu BEST Program will have the best Chinese language experience.


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